They cut off electricity in the Metro in Monterrey due to a man who climbs towers


The Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) suspended the supply of electricity in Line 1 of the Metro in Monterrey and in other sectors due to a person who climbed one of the transmission towers.

The announcement was made through a statement by Metrorrey, in which they indicate that they are carrying out maneuvers to restore the operation of the trains.

The cut occurred on Line 1 of the Metro, and at the moment the Collective Transport System Metrorrey already activated the backup systems in the section from Aztlán to Talleres.

Likewise, Metro users reported that they had more than 20 minutes waiting for a trains to pass.

Civil Protection of Nuevo León reported that a man climbed a high-voltage tower, on Bernardo Reyes Avenue, in the Topo Chico neighborhood, so the power had to be cut in several sectors.

They restore service in the Metro Shortly after 4:00 p.m.

Metrorrey indicated that the staff activated backup systems, after 25 minutes of the cut in the power supply by CFE, with which the normal operation in Line 1 of the Metro is restored.

Lines 2 and 3 of the Metro did not stop their operation.

They close roads Due to the mobilization in the area, the following roads were closed:

Lateral of the elevated passage of Bernardo Reyes in the south direction

El Carmen Street

Source: Milenio