Ambulance carrying a critically injured person crashed on Chapultepec Avenue.


The ambulance was transporting a person who had been shot at a residence located in the San Sebastián neighborhood, in the municipality of Guadalupe.

As it crossed Chapultepec Avenue, the emergency unit collided with a vehicle, and the injured person died at the scene.

What happened in the San Sebastián neighborhood?

Initial versions indicate that the assailants arrived on foot, carrying handguns, and fired several shots before running away.

After the aggression, Iván Ismael Uribe Martínez, 32 years old, was left dead at the scene, while a second victim, 33 years old, was taken to a hospital.

Members of the municipal police, the ministerial police, and the Mexican Army went to the place, and to the astonishment of the neighbors, they cordoned off the area and searched for security cameras near the scene of the events.

Criminal investigators and forensic services found several spent handgun casings at the crime scene.

Sources close to the case reported that the victims had a history of health-related offenses and that the place was considered by the authorities as a drug-selling point.

Source: Telediario