“Fosfo Fosfo”, a brand that was consolidated along with the election in Nuevo León


Since July 15, 2021, Mariana Rodríguez Cantú, wife of the governor-elect of Nuevo León, has owned the Fosfo Fosfo brand.

“Fosfo Fosfo”, a phrase that catapulted Samuel García Sepúlveda into the political scene of Nuevo León, became a commercial idea to sell services related to advertising, clothing, shoes, hats, cosmetics, and perfumes of the influencer and YouTuber Mariana Rodríguez Cantú.

The YouTuber has been the owner for a couple of years of other brands such as Mariana Rodríguez, Mar Cosméticos, and Mar by Mariana Rodríguez, with which she can offer products with oils, perfumes, cosmetics, toilet soaps, as well as advertising and management services and business administration.

The wife of the governor of Nuevo León and his partner Lorena Alejandra Martínez Sepúlveda own My mission by Mariana Rodríguez and My market by Mariana Rodríguez, brands with which to offer nutrition and advertising services.

The influencer said that three days after launching the phrase Fosfo Fosfo to her followers on Instagram, she began using it to offer services and products.

Rodríguez, who is registered as a taxpayer with business activity by the National Electoral Institute (INE), requested the registration of the Fosfo Fosfo trademark before the Mexican Institute of Industrial Property (IMPI) on April 6, 2021.

In those days, Samuel García Sepúlveda began his ascent in the polls, which placed him among the electoral preferences of the voters of Nuevo León, and eventually won the election.

Source: Forbes Mexico

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