City in Texas offers free Covid-19 vaccine for Mexicans


Mexicans who wish to travel to the city to get vaccinated will have to make an appointment in supermarkets or pharmacies

Laredo, Texas is quite agile with its vaccination program: it has already applied 153,110 first applications of the vaccine and already has 117,559 people fully vaccinated. As a consequence, the demand for inoculation has decreased in recent days.

For this reason, the city has opened the call for vaccination for foreigners, directing its efforts to Mexicans to whom they have recommended using the Aeromar airline since it has direct flights from Mexico City.

Vaccine Administration Location

The vaccines they are applying are those that can be found in most of the country: Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, and Moderna. Vaccination is recommended for the entire population 12 years and older and if a foreigner wishes to apply it, he only has to make appointments at any of the following establishments:

Sam´s Club

So far, Texas has applied a total of 21.7 million doses, while 9.65 million people are fully vaccinated, which means that 33% of the population is protected against the coronavirus. Additionally, 39% of the eligible US population is vaccinated.


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