Aguascalientes school teacher educates children on a Mobile Classroom


Thanks to her mobile classroom, Nallely Esparza Flores, a school teacher from Aguascalientes will be able to continue educating children right to their doorstep

As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, teacher Nallely Esparza Flores decided to continue teaching classes to her students who did not have internet, she started in her pick-up truck and a Japanese car company gave her a mobile classroom.

Undoubtedly, the new world context forced all people to modify their work and study habits, for some it has been very difficult because the face-to-face classes have become one hundred percent digital, and not all people in Mexico have the resources to do so, let alone rural communities.

The story of the teacher Nallely Esparza Flores

The municipality of Calvillo is located at a distance of 59 kilometers from the city of Aguascalientes, where according to INEGI data, 61.4% of the population is in poverty and 7.2 percentage points of these people are in extreme poverty.

This was reason enough for teacher Nallely Esparza to make the decision to drive the streets of that town with her truck every day in order to continue educating her low-income students“The idea was born because my students don’t have an internet connection at home and it was quite complicated for them, so I decided to go house to house to teach them in the bed of my truck with a table and chairs “

The story of this teacher reached the automotive company, Nissan, “When we learned about the work of this teacher, we got together to find out how we could contribute to this noble labor,” shared Armando Ávila, vice president of manufacturing for Nissan Mexico.

So they decided to give her a mobile classroom; The teacher was extremely grateful for the company’s action and said “My students will no longer have to take classes in full sunlight; I never imagined that such a thing could be possible. Now, my travel times will undoubtedly be shorter ”.

How the mobile classroom is equipped

The Nissan NP300 pickup was rearranged to serve as a mobile classroom, now featuring fold-down chairs and tables, side curtains, a tailgate, retractable ladders, and electrical hookups. To preserve the healthy distance between the teacher and her students, the company also adapted an acrylic located on the work table and multiple ventilation points.

“We are extremely excited to make this delivery, it will be very useful for Nallely to continue teaching her students safely and comfortably. People like her make a difference in society, “said the vice president of the automotive company.

Undoubtedly, there are several cases of teachers who, despite the circumstances, carry out initiatives for the education of children and young people in Mexico.

Source: ADN 40

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