Apartments in Monterrey are the most expensive in all of Mexico, reports a study


The rents of a 65-square-meter apartment are on average at 18,796 pesos per month and are expected to skyrocket before the arrival of Tesla.

Monterrey is positioned as the most expensive metropolis to rent in Mexico, since at the end of the first quarter of 2023 the average rents are at 18,796 pesos per month for a 65-square-meter apartment, according to the real estate platform Inmuebles 24.

“According to data from the monthly Real Estate Inmuebles24, the city of Monterrey continues as one of the most expensive to rent, and we will have to wait and see what happens before the arrival of Tesla to the entity.”

While the cost of sale of a property of the same dimensions is three million 976 thousand 171 pesos.

The same report states that Querétaro is presented as a city with great infrastructure development to meet the needs of its population made up of migrants from other states of the country, in addition of being an entity with a high standard of living and job opportunities in different sectors.

In this city, the rental price of a 65-square-meter two-bedroom apartment has an average cost of 10,305 pesos per month and 14,718 pesos for a 100-square-meter three-bedroom apartment.

Regarding purchases, the average prices are located at one million 753 thousand 522 million pesos for an apartment of 65 square meters and two million 506 thousand 281 for a 100 square meter property with three rooms.

In Mexico City, a 65-square-meter apartment with two bedrooms costs 14,934 pesos per month, while a 100-square-meter property with three bedrooms costs 21,401 pesos per month.

To purchase both types of departments, they are quoted at 3 million 634 thousand and 3 million 463 pesos on average.

The report states that the issue of gentrification in some areas of Mexico City and the consequent increase that this has generated in rental and sale prices has been a point of analysis and balances on the cost of living in the country’s capital.

Source: Telediario