Arrival of Tesla will trigger migrant flow in Mexico: NGO


The upcoming installation of a Giga-factory of the Tesla company, owned by billionaire Elon Musk, in the state of Nuevo León, northern Mexico, will cause an increase in the arrival of migrants from Southern Mexico and Central America to the region.

Raquel Romero, president of the organization “Libre Mariposa”, which provides comprehensive support for migrants in Nuevo León, warned that this potential increase in the flow of migrants will be “attracted by the idea of ​​a source of work in the electric car assembly plant “.

The activist, who spoke about the issue this Friday at a press conference, pointed out that despite the fact that this installation may have advantages, in the workplace “it will generate more vulnerability for people on the move.”

“When people learn about the Tesla issue, they say: there is a job opportunity, I am going to move to Monterrey, although it is just a project, many people may have the idea that it is a space to work and this can cause the arrival of massive migrants. “said the activist.

Romero recalled that Monterrey, called the industrial capital of Mexico, has always had the prestige of having a large number of sources of employment.

“Nuevo León as a state and its capital Monterrey have always been characterized and it is known in other countries that it is a highly productive city, that it has industry and that makes it attractive for any migrant,” he mentioned.

He even explained that many people who fail to reach the United States settle in Monterrey, for their quality of life.

“People say, there is work in Monterrey, so they see the possibility of staying in the city and its suburbs, and now that a world-renowned company is coming, of course, people are going to start looking here,” he explained.

A week ago, during the celebration of “Investor Day 2023” held in Austin (Texas, USA), the magnate Elon Musk confirmed the installation of Tesla in northern Mexico.

For now, there is no certain date for the assembly company in Nuevo León to start operations, but it could be by the end of 2023 or the beginning of 2024.

Source: El Financiero

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