“Even Fresas” eat Tacos de Tripa


Regardless of economic status, social class, marital status, religion, or football tastes, tripa tacos are to everyone’s taste, Yes! That is why “Los Fresas” also eat tripe tacos, at home, at meetings, or at the corner stalls.

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And it is that they will say that even if you are one of those güeritos fresas who does not like to eat tacos of viscera, it has been proven that if they are prepared properly with total cleanliness, you are missing a fountain of youth, health, and well-being.

Some sources mention that tripe tacos are amazing for your body, not to mention the fact that they can be delicious because they are a source of a large amount of iron, vitamin B12, niacin, and magnesium. So strawberry or not, you can enjoy them without any guilt.

Estudio de EU explica porqué tacos de tripa son más saludables que una  ensalada

Iron is great for our blood and is better absorbed by our body than the iron we get from vegetables.

Another ingredient in tripe tacos is niacin, which helps to break down carbohydrates and also to metabolize fatty acids.

In addition to Vitamin B12, which helps keep neurons and blood cells healthy, helps hair, nails, skin, etc.

Your rich tripe tacos also contain magnesium, which helps the tissues and the brain to breathe properly, in cases of patients with type 2 diabetes, it fights depression and reduces blood pressure.

Also for our friends “strawberries” what better than knowing that a serving of 113 grams of tripe contains only 96 calories and 14 grams of protein.

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And if these elements were few, they are also a rich source of Zinc and Phosphorus. So don’t wait any longer and enjoy some delicious tripe tacos without guilt, yes, look for the place where they comply with health and hygiene measures and eat without any regrets. Enjoy your meal!

So are your convinced yet?

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