Mexican woman criticized for eating carne asada tacos during first-class flight (VIDEO)


With nopales and tortillas, TikTok user ‘mammaproblemas’ enjoyed her flight to the United States. Although many did not like her attitude.

Traveling first class means a comfortable seat and, in many cases, delicious food. However, ‘mammaproblemas’ decided to bring some carne asada tacos to eat during the flight.

In the video published through TikTok, we can see the moment when ‘mammaproblemas’ is in her first-class seat on a flight to San Francisco, California. Everything was fine until then, but after a few seconds, we can see that the woman takes out a disposable plate with roast beef, nopales, and tortillas.

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This action seems harmless to many, however, several social media users have criticized ‘mammaproblemas” attitude, pointing out that she was disrespectful.

A question that arose among some users is whether you can bring food on a first-class flight and according to the website, it is possible, although there are exceptions.

For example, if it is homemade food, the food must be solid and dry, such as roast beef, nopales and the tortillas that I bring ‘mammaproblemas’. But to enter them they must be packaged correctly. In the case of soups or liquid foods, they will not let you enter them.

Some foods that you can safely bring on a plane are:

  • Snacks
  • Fruit
  • Salads (with their respective packaging and sealed)
  • Cookies
  • Homemade food (no soups)
  • Tea or coffee bags

While prohibited foods are creams, butter, sauces, soups, and alcohol, if you try to bring any of the above into an airplane, you may be denied the flight.

Source: Telediario

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