Monterrey: The best industrial destination to expand your CNC company


It is no secret that Monterrey, in addition to being the third-largest city in Mexico, is one of the main industrial, technological, and business epicenters of the country. In addition, it is a destination desired by entrepreneurs who want to enter, position themselves and expand their borders, especially in industries such as CNC. For these and many more reasons, it is considered one of the Mexican cities with the best quality of life.

Its economy, solid and envied for its great potential, is home to large national and international companies that helped it to be classified as “The Industrial Capital of Mexico.” Is the next step for a company looking for growth and profitability to reach the North Region? Yes, of course. This is why Monterrey is synonymous with labor productivity, business stability, great infrastructure, and connectivity with the rest of the country.

If you are not in the “royal city” are you nobody and you do not exist? For a company with a future and a vision of innovation and technology, it makes a lot of sense, especially if your field of action is in the industrial and manufacturing sectors, two industries that represent 23% and 12% of Monterrey’s GDP. In the same way, they are two industries in which the CNC industry plays a very important role with its machinery, processes, and applications.

Why is Monterrey a city to grow your CNC business?

When thinking about Monterrey, it is inevitable not to bring to mind the Cerro de la Silla, the Cola de Caballo Waterfall, its warm climate despite constant climate changes, as well as the “green buildings” and its sustainable development plan. There are many reasons that make this magical place a magnet for investors that covers different fields of action of the CNC industry. Never forget that to look like the best, you have to be where they are!

If you are an entrepreneur who has already achieved a reputation in one or more cities in our territory, arriving in Monterrey has not only one, but many advantages. Let’s see:

  • Privileged location: Its border with the United States has allowed it to be seen with the eyes of progress, innovation, and, of course, investment.
  • Sustainability: its quality of life, green areas, and modernity make starting and/or positioning your company a job that you will really enjoy.
  • Variety of industries: If we talk about CNC industries, we find a great variety of investment opportunities, strategic alliances and development. According to the Nuevo León Ministry of Economy and Labor, manufacturing represents 23% of the economy, 10% for construction, and 9% for real estate and transportation services.
  • Economic stability: The constant real estate, automotive and construction projects are enough to satisfy the demand. Its growth and diversification potential allows you to have security, confidence, and flexibility in your future.
  • Low emigration rate: It currently has the lowest emigration rate in the country, as a consequence of its business and job growth opportunities. As soon as you arrive in Monterrey, you allow yourself to be captivated so as not to have the need to even think about a new life in the United States.

SIDECO: a sure bet for success in the northern part of Mexico

Many of the above reasons have led companies such as SIDECO to reach one of the most important industrial epicenters in the country safely. This company of Mexicans for Mexicans with the flagship motto of win-win aims to position itself in the northern industry with its great infrastructure, technology, high-capacity equipment, and quality of service.

Added to this list of benefits is its after-sales service, considered one of the best in the CNC industry due to its timely and immediate response time that ranges from 24 to 48 hours. In the same way, fast and precise machines to increase your productivity, expert process engineers and ISO certificates, complete and affordable stock of spare parts made in Mexico. In short, they adapt to your production needs!

Every beginning involves a degree of risk, but not everyone has the privilege of assuming it with responsibility and temperance. That is why SIDECO and its more than 10 years of experience in the market for types of machinery such as CO2 Laser, CNC Router, Fiber Optic, and metal engraving, hope to conquer many hearts of businessmen and entrepreneurs who are looking for a supplier to do business with verifiable results that give you security, return on investment and security.

For more information, visit SIDECO.

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