Violent assault on UBER driver in Los Cabos


UBER’s driving partner was beaten, gagged, and run over before being stripped of the service unit in San José del Cabo.

A UBER host member, lived moments of terror after being a victim of robbery with violence, direct assault, and illegal deprivation of liberty,  when she attended an alleged travel service in the community of Las Veredas, within San José del Cabo.

The UBER driver, identified as 20-year -old Nayeli Yamileth “N”, responded to a service request by going to the meeting point to pick up the user.

Upon reaching the location indicated in the digital application, a man was already waiting for her on the public highway, ready to board the red car, the 2018 Chevrolet Spark, affiliated with UBER.

Both crew members would go from Las Veredas to the town of Santa Catarina, south of the tourist destination.

Minutes after starting the trip, the driver of the car noticed the suspicious behavior of the guy who was transporting, a situation that alerted the driver.

Unfortunately, Nayeli was unable to request support, as she was beaten by the traveler, who from the rear seat of the unit began to punch her in the head and face, forcing her to change the route, both of them heading for a lonely gap where the crime would be consummated.

” Nayeli was brought to blows of the car he was driving, thrown to the ground, and not content with that, his assailant got into the car and ran over the girl with the vehicle, rolling it with the front wheels, with the intention of murder her “

After leaving her badly physically injured, the criminal tied his victim to a tree, leaving her to her fate, while he fled in the car to an unknown destination.

The injured driver remained immobile for several minutes and suffering from her injuries until she was miraculously discovered by residents of the remote neighborhood where she was abandoned.

The people freed Nayeli from the tree where she was held captive, also helping her to call the emergency services to report her condition and the events that occurred.

“After the arrival of an ambulance, the partner UBER was taken to the clinic of the ISSSTE in San Jose Cabo, to receive medical attention after the violent assault”

Already sheltered in the local hospitalNayeli recorded superficial cutting wounds to the head and neck and left knee dislocation, injuries that take more than 15 days to heal and are not life-threatening.

Hours after the violent robbery was reported, investigating agents of the State Attorney General’s Office (PGJE) located the stolen Chevrolet Spark, which was abandoned in a breach in Colonia Las Veredas.

The vehicle in question was secured and guarded in the courtyard of the building of the System of Justice Criminal Adversarial, for continued processing by expert services, to being related to the Folder Research SJC / 210/21, corresponding to the case.

Of the offender and thief nothing is known, although the investigations and operational search and capture continue in Los Cabos and the rest of the territory state, in order to catch the offender and accounts surrender to justice for their serious acts against the 20-year-old woman.


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