Nuevo León does not rule out the arrival of ‘Beryl’ to the state; rains could end up filling dams

Huracán Beryl: Nuevo León, en alerta ante posible llegada del ciclón

The government of Nuevo Leon is keeping an eye on the path of Hurricane Beryl, which will enter the Gulf of Mexico on Saturday, July 6, according to the forecast of the National Meteorological Service (SMN) and it is not ruled out that the meteorological phenomenon could reach the state.

Through his social networks, the state governor, Samuel García, warned of the presence of the meteorological phenomenon that is currently category 5 and is approaching Jamaica where considerable flooding is expected due to its cloud bands.

“More or less it is predicted that this Saturday it will enter the Gulf and this is when we must be alert from Saturday onwards because it would be around Sunday morning 9 that if Alberto is in the Gulf and here it could hit Tampico, Monterrey or Texas,” he said.

Samuel García mentioned that if rain comes to the state it would be around Tuesday or Wednesday.

The head of the state Executive said that the Civil Protection Council would be monitoring the phenomenon to avoid tragedies, deaths and significant damage to the infrastructure.

“The good news is that with these rains Cerro Prieto is already full, we had not seen Cerro Prieto even halfway for more than 10 years, with this Cerro Prieto would definitely be full, the accumulation of Libertad would improve and what is already full in Boca and El Cuchillo would be filled, hopefully also the Marte R. Gómez so that in November we do not have to transfer water,” he said.

Samuel García visits areas damaged by Alberto
On the other hand, Governor Samuel García shared that he continues with visits to the areas damaged in Nuevo León by the rains of tropical storm Alberto.

This Tuesday he visited Huasteca, in the municipality of Santa Catarina where roads and pipes were affected. He also supervised the Rompepicos I and II Dams.

“From there we go to Santiago, Laguna de Sánchez to also see the roads that we have to repair,” he reported through his social networks.

In the case of the Libertad Dam, he commented that he will verify that the works on the dam are progressing despite the rains.

Source: excelsior