On your next trip to Monterrey visit the Macro Plaza (VIDEO)


The name “Macroplaza” for Monterrey’s main city square isn’t hyperbole because it’s actually massive.

In fact, it’s the biggest city square in Mexico and one of the biggest in the world.

The Macroplaza sits right in the middle of the colorful Barrio Antiguo neighborhood, so it’s nearly impossible not to come across it at some point during your trip to Monterrey.

The plaza is filled with monuments and important buildings, but none of them compare to the Faro de Comercio, or Commerce Lighthouse.

The rust-colored structure soars nearly 230 feet into the sky and is visible from almost all parts of Monterrey. At night it puts on a light show which is why it’s called the lighthouse.

Take a stroll through the Macroplaza on a sunny day to see the lighthouse and other monuments, or just enjoy some wide open space in the middle of a bustling city.

Source: Youtube

Monterrey Daily Post