For the first time in 102 years, women enter the Indio Azteca cantina in Monterrey


The women entered the Indio Azteca cantina and refused to leave until they were served, breaking 102 years of tradition.

For the first time in its 102 years of existence, a group of women ate and drank at the legendary Monterrey canteen Indio Azteca, thus breaking the old tradition of only serving men in the place. 

But do not think that it was a new commercial strategy by the owners of the establishment founded at the end of the Mexican Revolution, but rather that these diners basically broke into the place until the waiters attended to them. 

The women who broke into the Indio Aztec

It went something like this: the group of five women, including actress Laisha Wilkins, entered the site and sat down at one of the 80-year-old wooden tables to wait to be served. However, none of the managers approached them to take their orders. 

The group of women who entered the canteen on October 13, 2022.

waiter approached the aspiring clients to persuade them to leave, in fact, he recommended that they go to the San Pedro Garza García branch where women are admitted. He also told them that the establishment is so designed for men only that there is no women’s restroom on site. 

But they refused to leave until they were attended to. The managers only had to serve them what they asked for, in this way October 13, 2022, was established as the day that women ate and drank for the first time at the Indio Azteca in downtown Monterrey

The Indio Aztec only for men

Is it okay to break with separatist bartending traditions? Frankly, it’s hard to answer, but that’s the way things went. For more than 100 years, the Indio Aztec has been one of the favorite places of the Monterrey male community. 

 Eustorgio Benavides, Roy García and the Bohemian singer Juan Salazar at the Indio Azteca in the late 1960s.

Located at the crossroads of Francisco I. Madero and Diego de Montemayor avenues, that is to say, the first square in the city, this spirits vending center has served delicacies such as marinated ribsaldilla, and liver, all three, dishes preferred by customers. . Everyone arrives at Indio Azteca with the confidence that the taste of the food will always be the same because the cooks have always been the same for decades. 

A cantina where time stood still

Talks, crude jokes, jokes, motherfuckin’ fights, and monumental domino games have been lived for 102 years on the heavy wooden tables of the Aztec Indian, which have a compartment to place the beer.

But perhaps the most important thing is that the Indio Aztec serves as a freeze in time inside with its old furniture and its location in the old area of ​​Monterrey, considered the main destination for real estate investment in Mexico, that is, a city that is changing at high speed.  

Will they allow more women to enter the Indio Azteca from now on? Will they finally build a bathroom for them? These are the questions that the owners have not yet answered.

In 2018, she was the first woman to enter the El Indio Azteca cantina in Monterrey.

“I think I should have an extra bathroom,” said the model from Monterrey who boasts of being the first woman to enter the El Indio Azteca canteen .

Lorraine DLG, a model from Monterrey and a graduate in communication , shared her anecdote (on the Ciudadella web portal ) in which she claims to be the first woman to enter the establishment in 2018.

The model indicated that her visit to the establishment was not planned, even before arriving the locals near the site told her that women were not allowed to enter there.

And it is that the Indio Azteca canteen supposedly had the “tradition” of not letting women enter in its more than 100 years, but Lorraine wanted to check this.

She reports that upon arrival the captain addressed her to tell her that there is no bathroom on the site for women and that women were not prohibited from entering.

“When I went through the pair of wooden doors, the captain appeared and very kindly told me that strictly ‘entrance was not prohibited’ but to consider that there would only be men and that they also did not have a specific bathroom for girls.”

The modeldecided to enter and indicates that they treated her the same as any other person and gave her good service.

The only “inconvenience” was when it was time to go to the bathroom, but her friend Chuy Álvarez accompanied her to the only bathroom in the canteen, they even took a photo to remember the moment.

Even so, Lorraine would argue (in the event that access is prohibited) that no establishment can deny access to anyone based on their sex, physical condition, race, origin and identity, as established in article 58 of the Federal Protection Law to the consumer.

But in the end the model did not use this argument.

“However, it was not necessary to comment, but I think they should have at least one extra bath hehehe.”

It should be remembered that a group of women journalists entered the canteen and claimed to be the first women to enter the place in its 102-year history.

Monterrey Daily Post