Guadalajara facing a major water shortage


Given the increase in complaints from the inhabitants of the Guadalajara Metropolitan Area (ZMG) about the shortage of water in their homes, the State Government announced new measures to adjust the distribution.

However, authorities did not specify the date on which the service will be restored, which urges affected citizens.

Since last week, local media published that there are people who do not live in the 213 neighborhoods (located mainly in the east and north of the city) but still suffer from the shortage and are not contemplated in the plan of the Intermunicipal Water System Potable y Alcantarillado (SIAPA) announced due to the problems facing the Calderón dam.

Presa Calderón (Archive)

This reservoir supplies 14% of the water in the metropolis. It is expected to remain in that rickety condition for the next three months.

On Saturday, March 13th, the governor of Jalisco said that a recalibration was carried out with technical personnel of the institution to make a balanced distribution scheme so that they can serve areas that are totally without water.

He added that it will be the “aquifer” system, which has been built for two years, which will speed up the fulfillment of this objective.

Presa Calderón (Archive)

Just to put this serious problem in perspective, in 2016 the Calderón Dam was at 91% of its capacity (in total it can hold 80 million cubic meters). In this month, according to SIAPA, it is barely at 17 percent of its capacity.

Source: Informador

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