Doctors demand COVID-19 vaccine in Guadalajara


The health personnel of the UMAE Hospital de Pediatría CMNO started a protest outside the medical center

Doctors and health personnel of the Hospital de Pediatría CMNO de Guadalajara demand to be vaccinated against COVID-19 when caring for patients detected with the virus. In social networks, his complaint has begun to go viral.

Through Facebook and other platforms, doctors, nurses and other health workers began to viralize their request to be vaccinated against COVID-19 given that their hospital treats infected people despite the fact that this space is not specialized in SARS infections -CoV-2 .Doctors demand COVID-19 vaccine in Guadalajara after treating infected patients

Health personnel on strike. (Facebook)

The hospital in question is the UMAE Hospital de Pediatría CMNO located in Guadalajara, Jalisco, an entity that turned yellow for the first time since the health crisis due to COVID-19 began.

Until four days ago, the date before the February 23 demonstration began, it was reported that in Jalisco the second application of COVID-19 vaccines had begun and that more than 24 thousand professionals already had the drug.

“They are excellent doctors who are treating little patients (it could be one of our children) with COVID and because it is not a COVID hospital they have not received a vaccine, thus exposing themselves to the virus”, reads the publication of Gaby González, account from which it has begun to viralize the news.

It should be noted that the High Specialty Medical Unit (UMAE) Hospital de Pediatría del Centro Médico de Occidente, where the protest began, belongs to the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS) .


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