Vaccination begins in Puerto Vallarta; over 20 thousand will receive vaccine


The head of the VIII Sanitary Region, Vladimir Atilano Barraza, announced that they are preparing to receive 21 thousand doses of the Pfizer vaccine this week . 

Starting this Thursday, February 25, it is intended to start with the first immunization of the elderly in Puerto Vallarta against Covid-19.

It was at a virtual meeting of the Executive Commission of the IX Costa Norte Regional Public Safety Council, where they announced the preliminary plan for the application of the vaccines.

At the meeting they defined part of the logistics to reach all the elderly in the municipality , the first doses will be of the vaccine from the pharmaceutical company Pfizer.

There will be 15 modules in the first instance that have been defined to carry out this process, they will be easily accessible by road and with parking space for those who transfer their elderly adults.

These modules also include public sector hospital institutions, which will be vaccinating both beneficiaVaccination begins in Vallarta; will immunize more than 20 thousandries and those who do not have this service, since vaccination will be general for those over 60 years of age .

Likewise, there will be the support of the authorities of the three levels of government to guarantee order and dissemination of the location of these modules.

The head of the Eighth Health Region added that the way of working defined in Puerto Vallarta will be the prototype of how mass immunization will be carried out in large cities.


The Guadalajara Post