Excess mortality skyrockets in Mexico City


In just 24 hours, the number of deaths reported in excess during January in Mexico City had a growth of 40.4%, which means that between Saturday and Sunday 6,290 records were added, reaching 21,854 non-deaths. expected among residents of the country’s capital for that month.

With this adjustment, Mexico City accumulates 68,490 unexpected deaths during the months of the pandemic; and while 75.7% of those deaths were directly caused by the new coronavirus, the rest are also related to the health crisis, either due to the lack of timely medical care or due to hospital saturation that prevented attending other serious cases.

The number of extra deaths that have been registered so far in January represents an increase of 134.4% compared to those that occurred during December of last year, which positions this percentage increase as the highest in the pandemic, only behind the change between April and May in which 7,959 deaths were added in one month, a variation of 283.9 percent.

In direct figures, January ranks first in both excess deaths from all causes, as well as deaths confirmed by Covid-19 in Mexico City, which in total has added 14,714 deaths from coronavirus in the first 31 days of the year among its residents, which averages 474 deaths every 24 hours in the capital

Without consolidated information on deaths and infections during the last two weeks of January in Mexico City, local authorities presented a report on excess mortality in the capital that differs from the data that the Digital Agency for Public Innovation (ADIP) records for the same date. This is 6,290 more deaths than those recorded in the document that was published on Saturday, Feb. 6th, and had a cut-off date on Jan. 31st.

The difference is such that in just 24 hours the excess mortality reported during January in Mexico City went from 15,564 to more than 21,000 records, a figure that maintains the country’s capital as the region with the highest number of unexpected deaths around the world by adding 68 thousand 490 deaths in this area, a figure well above other areas such as Lima, New York and Madrid.

The daily average of excess deaths during January also increased from 502 to 705 deaths every 24 hours, and of these, 67.3% had the new coronavirus as the main cause, that is, for every death confirmed by Covid-19 in that month, another 2 occurred that were not expected and that could be prevented even though they were not directly related to the pandemic.

Figures from the ADIP suggest that 1 in 110 residents of Mexico City lost their lives unexpectedly between March 2020 and January 2021, an average that gives the country’s capital the highest mortality rate with 257 deaths per 100 thousand inhabitants, and that could vary up to 77 thousand extra deaths once the data for the first month of the year are consolidated.

Data from the General Directorate of Epidemiology (DGE) indicate that January 19 has been the most lethal day of the pandemic among residents of Mexico City with 205 deaths in 24 hours, while January 26 has the highest death record by medical unit, that is, those reports of inhabitants of other states who lost their lives in hospitals in the capital, but which are not included in the excess mortality rates.

Source: Eje Central

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