With a truck, this teacher teaches rural communities in Querétaro during pandemic


Students in vulnerable situations do not have enough resources to take online classes during the pandemic, so the teacher goes to the communities.

In social networks, the story of a teacher who adapted his truck to reach rural communities of Querétaro and teach classes to students who do not have enough means to take educational content online was released.

With the arrival of the pandemic, face-to-face school classes were suspended for all educational levels; Mexican authorities were in charge of designing and implementing the educational program Aprende en Casa, which is intended for preschool, primary, secondary, and high school students, but certain irregularities have occurred over the last twelve months.

In Mexico, not all students have the means to take distance classes as the Mexican government implemented it. According to UNICEF figures, 1.08% of the population of children and young people does not have access to television, 4.47% % to the radio, and 24.84% does not have internet.

The situation has been complicated for both students and teachers; However, the latter do not lose the courage to support their students, such as the example of teacher Salvador Olvera, who was in charge of modifying his truck to improvise a classroom and go to the rural communities of the Sierra Gorda de Querétaro.

According to Internet users who shared the story, the teacher saw that not everyone has enough resources to take distance classes, so he decided to do something about it and placed a blackboard in the back of his truck to travel to the communities more remote areas of Querétaro and teach face-to-face classes.

As shown in some images, students sit on plastic chairs, while the teacher explains the topics outdoors. It is worth mentioning that the students keep their respective healthy distance and each one wears their mask.

The publication with the teacher’s story went viral on social networks and Internet users recognized Salvador Olvera’s commitment to the teaching-learning process because despite facing a pandemic, he does not leave the students alone who do not have the possibility of continuing your classes online.


Querétaro- A well-known paper company donated two trailers loaded with school supplies for teacher Jemima Peláez, a teacher who, since the beginning of the pandemic, decided to teach at the traffic lights of Querétaro.

The Barrilito company contacted the teacher “Jemy”: “We want to donate some pallets”, they told her in a call.
Together with some volunteers, the teacher went to the company to receive the donation, getting a surprise.

They weren’t platforms… a trailer was filled twice. Can you imagine our excitement? We started with a story and 10 colors without a pencil sharpener ”, comments the teacher on the project’s Facebook page.

With this material, the teacher and the dozens of volunteers who have joined the project “At the semaphore you learn” will continue to teach children who do not have the Internet or a computer to take distance classes.

Source: radioytvmexiquense.mx, adn40.mx

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