Nuevo León businessman says he “bought” two million Sputnik vaccines, but Russia denied it


Russia has denied the sale of the two million doses of the Sputnik V vaccine that businessman Alejandro Cossío claimed he had acquired:

“The RDIF denies the information that the Nuevo León businessman Alejandro Cossío acquired two million doses of the Sputnik V vaccine and the exclusive rights to sell the drug in Mexico and Central America. This information has nothing to do with reality.”

At the end of last year, President Andres Manuel López Obrador confirmed that private companies will be able to buy COVID vaccines abroad and bring them into the country, there is already a Mexican businessman who has taken advantage of the approval of the president to begin negotiations and import vaccines for individuals.

Alejandro Cossío Hernández, a businessman from Veracruz who owns companies in the health sector that currently provides equipment to the public and private sectors, assures that he has already bought two million doses of the Russian Sputnik V vaccine :

I have BOUGHT 2 million doses of the vaccine, that is, 4 million vials because the vaccine CONSISTS OF two applications with 18 days difference between each SHOT, which means that 2 million people can be vaccinated.

Alejandro Cossío

In an interview with Indigo Report, the businessman said that he closed an agreement last Monday with the Gamaleya laboratory, owner of the patent for the Sputnik V vaccine, to acquire 2 million doses. This initial batch will be marketed through its pharmacological companies, as soon as Cofepris issues its approval after the tests that began a few days ago.

Sputnik V, cheaper than the flu vaccine

Cossio assures that with the agreement signed with Gamaleya it has become the official distributor of the Sputnik V vaccine “from Mexico to Argentina. ” In addition, he assures that, after the approval of the federal government for the states to buy their own vaccines, the first batch of 2 million vaccines have been committed for Nuevo León, México.

Sputnik V Vaccine Price Mexico 800 Pesos

However, thanks to the agreement, he will have access to 500 thousand monthly doses from March and will sell them “to whoever wants to buy them,” with negotiations with 11 other states of the republic, according to the businessman.

Regarding the cost, Cossio foresees that the final price of the Sputnik V vaccine in Mexico will be between 720 and 800 pesos, for the two doses necessary, a price lower than that of the influenza vaccine:

THE PRICE OF THE VACCINE WILL FLUCTUATE between 720 and 800 pesos for citizens. If we take into account what investments and spending imply, being able to market the vaccine AT AN AFFORDABLE price.

Alejandro Cossío

Apart from all this, the federal government has confirmed that in the next few days almost half a million Sputnik V vaccines will arrive to make up for the lack of the Pfizer vaccine. Sputnik V is up to 92% effective against COVID-19, according to Russia.

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