Take the “Route of Mezcal” across beautiful San Luis Potosi


Mezcal is a traditional drink that you can taste in many of the bars and restaurants of the Potosino capital. But that also will allow you to travel to a fantastic route that includes several points of the Altiplano area, to live an exciting and exquisite adventure visiting old haciendas, knowing the process of elaboration of artisanal mezcal, and tasting the best and most recognized spirits of the state.

To fully enjoy this experience, we recommend contacting the authorized operators (ask for them at your hotel or at the State Tourism offices) and enjoy the packages they have already prepared for you. These will allow you to recognize the establishments where, for more than 200 years, mezcal has been manufactured in the Altiplano Potosino.

In the town of Venado, you will visit the Roberto Donis Cultural Center, with its wonderful collection of objects that, we are sure, you will love. In Charcas, you can discover other farms of benefit, as well as the Temple of the Virgin of the Rosary, patron of the miners. There, you can not stop enjoying the famous railroad “gorditas”(so delicious). Other unmissable points along the way are the mezcal factories of Laguna Seca and Santa Isabel, not forgetting the Zaragoza de Solís factory which, with state-of-the-art technology, in addition to producing mezcal, extracts honey, wine and agave juice.

This Mezcal Route will also allow you to discover the community of Pocitos, where you can try the roasted chinicuiles (delicious!) And, very close there, visit the El Leoncito nursery.

Another Ruta del Mezcal begins in the town of Salinas, where the salt production factories are. There, do not forget to visit the factories of Santa Teresa and Ipiña, in the municipality of Ahualulco. They have a lot to teach you!

Are you ready to launch to explore the Routes of Mezcal in San Luis Potosí?

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