Mega Yachts keep arriving in Cabo San Lucas


The bay of Cabo San Lucas has become a powerful attraction for luxury shipping companies, currently, the bay of this port is adorned with 3 mega yachts, Attessa IV, Lonian, and Ramblym Rose, which will set sail in the next few days.

Fernando Hoyos Romero, manager of the Integral Port Administration ( API ) at CSL, announced that it is the first time that these luxury yachts visit this port which represents a symbol of the trust and preference that shipping companies have over the destination.

In the same way, he made the knowledge that in the case of these arrivals, none have passengers on board, only the crew, which is minimal, they will have a stay of approximately one week at the destination.

He indicated that the arrival of these yachts is due to the global repositioning that exists in terms of passenger ships and this occasion is no exception, however, he said that for API it is an honor to receive this type of ship which comes without suspicion or incidence reported in health matters.

He concluded by saying that the port authority continues with the protocols against Covid-19 and in which they will be in constant communication with these ships and with those who serve ashore to supply them and give them a longer stay.

It should be noted that the Attessa IV has a cost of 250 million pesos;  Lonian is worth 160 million pesos, while the Ramble on Rose costs less than 100 million dollars.


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