Querétaro eases covid business restrictions


The State’s Technical Health Committee reported that the entity will be in scenario B, with some variations in the provisions. Likewise, the committee called on the population so that the transition of scenarios does not imply relaxing the sanitary measures that in turn would lead to a return to the restrictions of C.

Querétaro, Qro . After remaining in scenario C since December 21, starting next week, the state will make the conditions for opening economic units more flexible, and modulated mobility will be applied, upon returning to scenario B, according to the state parameter. Meanwhile, the entity went from red to orange at the Federation’s epidemiological risk traffic light; both applicable for the period from February 15 to 28.

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The State’s Technical Health Committee reported that the entity will be in scenario B, with some variations in the provisions. Likewise, the committee called on the population so that the transition of scenarios does not imply relaxing the sanitary measures that in turn would lead to a return to the restrictions of C.

The decision to return to modulated mobility arises from the decrease in the epidemiological indicators of the disease, including the average number of active persons, the level of hospitalization, and the percentage of positivity.

“It is a determination that should contribute to the recovery of the whole of society, not to relax sanitary measures and return to Scenario C, with reduced mobility, in a couple of weeks. (…) Although the phenomenon is gradually slowing down, it is emphasized that it will be with the work of everyone, society, and the government, that these slowdown rates will consolidate a consistent trend, ”the committee reported.

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The specialists also urged that society make a gradual transition to scenario B, as well as to redouble preventive measures to continue towards scenario A.

“Now we will maintain the provisions of scenario B, but we call on Queretanos to demonstrate and weigh their sense of community because we will only advance to the extent that we all understand that taking care of ourselves is not only for our own benefit but also for society in its own right. set”.

Scenario B layouts

Among the applicable guidelines for scenario B, shopping centers may be open according to their operating license, with a maximum closing time at 10:00 pm, 30% occupancy, one person per family.

Commerce in general and the provision of professional services, includes financial services: open in accordance with the operating license, with maximum closing hours at 10:00 at night, 50% occupancy, one person per family

Supermarkets and convenience stores: closing at 10:00 pm, with 30% occupancy, one person per family.

Restaurants and / or cafeterias, includes restaurants in vineyards: until 10 at night from Monday to Saturday, with 50% occupancy and on Sundays until 18:00.

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Nightclubs, casinos, canteens and bars: closing at 10:00 at night, with 30% occupancy. They must adhere to the schedule for the sale of alcoholic beverages.

Sale of alcoholic beverages: in a closed container or for consumption on-site (in accordance with the corresponding License), until 10:00 pm from Monday to Saturday, on Sundays until 6:00 pm.

Hotels and motels: 50% occupancy in rooms, 50% capacity in common spaces. Event rooms with a capacity of 30%, in accordance with the guidelines for mass events. The consumption centers must observe the same capacity and hours as the restaurants, as well as nightclubs and sale of alcoholic beverages, except on Sunday where the consumption centers will be solely and exclusively for registered guests.

Entertainment centers, cinemas, theaters, museums, galleries, academies, and cultural events of up to 500 locations: 25% occupancy, maximum opening until 10:00 pm.

Religious Centers: churches, temples, synagogues, mosques, etc., at 25% occupancy.

Massive events and recreational centers: event rooms, concerts, amusement parks, spas, and fairs. Prohibition of massive and/or social events (weddings, baptisms, parties, etc.) of more than 100 people. Private meetings are limited to compliance with the healthy distance of 1.5m between each attendee and must end at 10:00 p.m. on the day of their celebration.

Concerts, amusement parks, spas, and fairs are suspended. Professional sports Closed-door games without an audience Amateur contact sports (soccer, basketball, etc.) Activities are suspended

Open sports and swimming areas: 50% occupancy, by appointment. Gyms, sports centers, spas, and massage centers: 50% occupancy, by appointment. Hairdressers, Esthetics and Barbershops: 50% occupancy, by appointment.

Parks, squares and open public spaces: capacity reduction to 50%. Mandatory use of mask, includes public transport.

Walking tours of the city in the open air: maximum capacity of 20 people plus the actors, mandatory use of mask.

Tourist routes in the state territory: maximum capacity of 50% of the vehicle’s capacity during the transfer, mandatory use of mask.

For the manufacturing industry, industrial establishments (the entire industry) apply specific technical guidelines for the reopening of economic activities and they do not have time restrictions.

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Pharmacies, medical dispensaries: open according to operating license. Only for the sale of medicines, food, hygiene, and basic necessities. The other items, if they are available, must adjust to the schedules of the different listed items. Respecting the capacity of supermarkets and convenience stores.

Source: eleconomista.com.mx

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