Puerto Vallarta: Two women who were kidnapped at the Blu Motel are rescued


Personnel from the National Guard of Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, in coordination with personnel from the 8th Naval Zone (Marine Infantry), managed to free two people who were kidnapped in the Auto Hotel named “BLU” in this Port.

Two young men who were inside room number 4 of said hotel car and had been deprived of their liberty by means of death threat calls and intimidating messages from unknown persons calling themselves members of a criminal group.

Thanks to the timely report of the disappearance of one of them by their relatives, the National Guard, in coordination with personnel from the 8th Naval Zone, mounted an Operation for their location and release, through which the rescue of the two was achieved. people, who since February 7 were victims of a virtual kidnapping, for which they demanded from their relatives a payment of $ 100,000.00 pesos to return their freedom and return them to their homes.

It is important to mention that no shots were fired during the development of this operation, so the planning and execution of the mission was a complete success, achieving the location and release of these two young men. Neither was the payment or deposit of any money from the frustrated extortion carried out, as demanded of the family for the release of these people who were rescued safe and sound, only with an accentuated nervous breakdown.

Both persons were transferred to the Public Ministry of the Regional State Prosecutor’s Office, in order for them to make the corresponding complaint of this “virtual kidnapping” of which they were victims, informing their families of their release. 

It is recommended that all citizens in general stay alert in order not to be victims of this type of crime committed by organized crime, since a considerable increase in this type of crime has been reported.

Source: Tribunadelabahia.com.mx

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