The Mexica came from … Russia?


Recent genetic studies confirmed that the original peoples of America come from Altai, Russia. We tell you the story.

For a century appeared the theory about the Russian origin of the indigenous people of the American continent. Since then, numerous scientists tried to test the hypothesis of the migration of high groups from Russia through Alaska.

As if it were a larger version of the mythical search for Aztlán, recent research has concluded that indigenous groups such as the Mexica, Incas, Mayas, etc. They are related to the Altai ethnic group of Russia.

In 2013 Nature and Science, the two most prestigious popular science magazines in the world published articles on a study that compared the indigenous genomes of the entire American continent with those of Russia.

After the analysis, it was found that the ancestors of the American Indians come from Siberia. According to the research, the population that migrated from Russia reached the American continent about 20,000 to 30,000 years ago.

Following publication, Russian geneticist Oleg Balanovsky sought to test the hypothesis in 2015. To do this, Balanovsky’s team carried out two new stages of an investigation.

They initially conducted an analysis of more than 25,000 DNA samples from 90 ethnic groups in Russia and surrounding nations. Later they analyzed the markers that were obtained from the DNA tests, that is, the chromosomes.

In conclusion, the scientists confirmed that the indigenous population of America is genetically related to the Altai in Siberia. A genetic relationship was also found with indigenous groups from Australia and Melanesia.

In turn, the confirmation of the Asian origin of the native peoples of all America strengthens the theory of migration through the Bering Strait. The Bering Strait is an arm of the sea located in Siberia that was frozen 40,000 years ago. According to the theory, the ice bridge allowed the crossing of various animal and plant species, including humans.

The highlands of Russia

On the other hand, the Altai is a native Siberian people who live in the Altai Republic in Russia. Originally this ethnic group had a nomadic way of life, living in small yurt villages. Like some North American groups, they have a religion of a dualistic shamanic type that considers nature to be full of spirits.

Among its main rituals are animal sacrifices, public prayer to worship the sky, fire, earth and trees. They speak a Turkic language.


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