Monterrey will have the tallest tower in Mexico and Latin America


Let there be no doubt that the real estate sector is doing well in Monterrey, with everything and a pandemic. In San Pedro Garza García, belonging to the metropolitan area of ​​Monterrey, a new tower will be built that will hold the title as the tallest in all of Mexico and also in Latin America.

In Monterrey they are no strangers to large buildings: they have to their credit the Torre Obispado I, which is 305 meters high, as well as the KOI tower that measures 279 meters.

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Now, with the information confirmed by the mayor of Monterrey, Adrián de la Garza, the planning of the ‘Torre Rise’ has already begun, a multipurpose complex that will live next to the Torre Obispado and will measure 420 meters high, enough to be taller than any other building built in Latin America.

It will have 92 floors

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There is still no information on either the construction company in charge of the architect who will be tasked with the final design. What is known is that ‘Torre Rise’ will have offices, apartments, shops, at least one hotel, and of course a viewpoint on its 92 floors. Its construction will begin sometime in 2021 and will take between 36 and 40 months. Thus, if no phase of the project is delayed, will be completed by 2024.

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The tallest building on the entire continent is the ‘One World Trade Center’, located in New York City. It is 541 meters tall and has held the top spot since its construction was completed in 2013.


The Monterrey Daily Post